Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Z - zorro

This week, we made foxes out of the letter z!  Similar to the giraffe project, all you need is a worksheet with a head and tail already on it.  I created this one on word, by using a drawing I found on google and erasing the body, then adding "zorro" on the top in grey font, so the students can trace it. I prepped the project by providing pre-stamped out letter z's the student could then just glue to the paper. Lastly, the students may color in their foxes and add arms and legs. Allow the students to have fun with this project. You might end up with a watermelon-eating fox! (see student work below)

What you need:
- worksheet with a fox head & tail and the word "zorro"
- orange construction paper
- letter z stamp (or you can cut out a bunch of Z's by hand)
- crayons
- gluesticks

My Sample

Student Work

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