Friday, March 20, 2015

H - Helado

What you need:
- ice cream scoops with the syllables "he-la-do" written on them.
- a paper with H helado written at the top and an ice cream cone at the bottom
- crayons
- scissors
- gluesticks

- have students color the ice cream scoops and the H page
- cut out the ice cream scoops
- glue them onto the cone in order: HE, LA, DO 

Monster Body Parts

For my first grade class learning about body parts, we made little monstruos and labeled the body parts.

Suggested Items:
- yarn
- pom poms (small and big)
- googly eyes
- feathers
- felt
- foam cut-out shapes
- stickers
- liquid glue
- construction paper

- prepare several trays students can share of miscellaneous materials (pipe cleaners not suggested as they are hard to glue onto the paper)
- split students into groups and give a tray per table (this is a LOT easier than trying to hand out supplies to each individual student)
- let students create a monster by gluing materials onto their construction paper
- label the different body parts/describe the monster
- collect projects and set them out to dry

Thursday, March 19, 2015

B - Búho

You need: 
- coloring sheet of the owl body and "B búho" written at the top
- crayons
- paint or giant stamp pads

- color the letter B, words, and owl
- dip hands in paint or stamp pad and create wings for the owl
- let dry

P - Pato

You need:
- the letter P and an oval
- feathers
- construction paper
- crayons
- glue

- glue the oval onto the construction paper as the duck body and the P as the neck and head
- draw in the beak, eyes, and feet with crayons
- glue feathers as the tail and wings
- write "ato" after the P

A sample project by one of my JrK students

M - Mariposa

You Need:
- construction paper
- beads 
- liquid glue
- sparkles/glitter (optional)

- cut out butterfly wings from construction paper
- cut out the letter M as well for Mariposa
- use liquid glue to draw designs on the butterfly wings
- let students place beads or sparkles on the glue.
- allow the glue to dry 
- glue the wings and M onto a big sheet of construction paper or cardstock
- hang in your classroom!