Tuesday, April 14, 2015

J - Jirafa

This week we introduced the letter "J" as well as the animal "la jirafa" (the giraffe).  This project was super simple. I found a clipart head of a giraffe and put it into a word doc, along with the word "jirafa" in gray lettering that the children could trace, and a line for their names.  Then I stamped out a bunch of letter J's. They assembled the giraffe by gluing the letter J as the body and then coloring.  Of course, they had to draw in legs, feet, and a tail for the giraffe, but being the little artists they are, they had to create backgrounds. One even drew a giraffe-riding human!  ;)

What you need:
- worksheet with a giraffe head and the word "jirafa"
- yellow construction paper
- letter J stamp (or you can cut out a bunch of J's by hand)
- crayons

My sample (left), student work (right)